Hello there, darling.

I'm a designer and sarcastic optimist with roots pulled from small town Ohio. My language drips with honeys and darlings and my buckeyes are chocolate-covered candies, not a football team. Based in Chicago since 2013, I have been developing my skills in motion and responsive web design, conceiving creative concepts, branding, and photo direction. I am energetic, proactive, positive, and a team player who is always ready for a new challenge.


Okay, but what are you really about?

Photo by Sarah Rose

My passion is creating visual design systems and patterns that explore storytelling and human interaction on various platforms. My art direction, illustration, and motion design skills aid in the creation of user experience driven designs. I enjoy working directly with clients from strategy to launch and leading teams through conceptual and detailed design project phases to execute great design. 

When I’m not behind the screen or meeting with a client, you can spot me with my nose in a book, hanging out with my cat, Tater, and fiancé, Zac – or hunting down a scoop – or three, of ice cream to satisfy my insatiable sweet tooth. I have a terrible sense of direction and get by on landmarks more than street names; it is the Ohio in me.